Lauren Kay Original - Supurb blues feel
Alexander Deutman- Inspired by ME and few other famous guys
Mr Deutman can REALLY play Mark Knopfler
Larry Cole original song about a guy we know. Fantastic.
Paul Winn Band original song
Owen Campbell Original - I still see Owen busking every now and then
Emma Russack Original
Macyn Taylor covering her mentor, Leo Kottke. Such talent.
Chis Smither Original. Chris is my musical Idol.
Chris Smither Original, Chris is mostly a one man band.
Marie Digby Original. Such talent. Such a voice.
Kina Grannis Original. Such tallent. Such a Voice
Daniella Andrade Original. Such talent. Such a voice. Check out "Don't Care"
Gretchen Menn Original. This lady ROCKS.
Zepparella covering Led Zeppelin. These Ladies ROCK.
Danielle ate the Sandwhich Original. Talented, funny Lady.
Laura Cox covering Free. Oui Oui.